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Buffer Overflow Attacks

In an era where everything is digitized, there is always some scope for a loophole or vulnerability. This loophole forms the crux where hackers squeeze in their mischievous codes and hence flourish their business. You may expect a businessman to cut loose his profit, but you can never bargain on an attacker to miss vulnerability

Tool: How long time does it take to crack a password?

How long time does it take to crack a password We made a little tool which can help you with time estimations when securing your customers server environment or preparing to recover a password. The tool we have arranged for you – shows how much a little research can do for the operational time. You find

Revealing any passwords hidden under asterisks in less than 10 seconds

Asterisk password – saved in browser Having many and secure passwords can be thought. In this clip we show how you can display any passwords that are hidden under asterisks – and it does not even take 10 seconds. The trick is to change the input type in the form layer to a text field. This