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This is the real thing. How To Hack team has many years of experience in the security industry.

Hacking by definition isn’t illegal

So don’t worry about the federal agents… Taking part of information is one of your human rights
stated in the UN Declaration of Humans Rights. They have broken against many laws by spying
on innocent citizens. This is actually one of the reasons we decided to make a change.

Topics that we have or will cover

  • Hacking tutorials, Security news & Legendary hacks
  • Cracking passwords/cryptography
  • Hacking into wireless networks
  • Up to date exploits to hack Websites
  • Internal hacking tools & Creating of your own
  • Reverse Coding Engineering, Copy protections
  • Anti virus software’s, Firewall applications and their weaknesses.
  • Real forensic methods to read data and how to restrict them from
  • and much more …

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