Revealing any passwords hidden under asterisks in less than 10 seconds

Asterisk password – saved in browser

Asterix password

Revealing passwords saved in browser (****) is easy

Having many and secure passwords can be thought. In this clip we show how you can display any passwords that are hidden under asterisks – and it does not even take 10 seconds.

The trick is to change the input type in the form layer to a text field. This method works on any platform and even if we using firefox it will also work similar most other modern browsers.

Hacking is about getting the task done – that does not always mean hard.

Note: For really old versions of firefox you might need to install Firebug.

How it’s done

  1. Right click on the password field and select “Inspect”
  2. A window will appear and you should see “<input type=”password”>”
  3. Click on password and change it to “text”
  4. The password will be revealed in clear text in the input field.

The site is not edited (since it’s hosted on a web server). This means the change will
not permanently affect the site. The temporary change you just did in your web browser
will be gone the next time you load the page.

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