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This article was updated 2015-03-10.

This is now confirmed by Emanuel from exclusively for TechWorld share what he found. For obvious reasons, we will not now describe exactly how the open disks found online, but we are content to say that it is relatively simple things it is about.

The files that I located had file names that indicated everything from full unencrypted smart phone backups, to documents within .gov domains and images that would be illegal if it contains what it says. This was out of scope for this site and honestly to big for me to release, why I decided to let Techworld write an article about it.

I’m happy with that choice, the article is easy to understand on the same time as it describes the technique behind it for most technicians .

It will be interesting so see how long time it takes until we will see anti-piracy organisations start use this method to collect torrent files and start  prosecutions against ordinary people.

The worst part is that the files is cached and might never disappear…

 How to check if you can be indexed:

  1. Get your external IP-address e.g.
  2. Connect to that IP-address using an FTP application (e.g filezilla)
  3. port: 21
  4. Username: anonymous
  5. Password: Leave empty



Links to the article

Orginal (Swedish):–seagate-diskar-ocksa-helt-oskyddade

Google translate (English):–seagate-diskar-ocksa-helt-oskyddade


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Author: Emanuel