Video: How SQL Injection works and how a hacker could take advantage of it.

Video about SQL Injection

A picture says more than a thousand words – so we made a little video for you about SQL injection.
Don’t miss the related article if you haven’t read it already. We added a simulator where you can try it out without any risks.

Here’s the video: https://vimeo.comy/m/98054492


We also managed to get you access to a site where you can practice SQL Injection to understand better how it works.
Don’t worry, it’s a simulator which means you can’t destroy anything. Happy hacking!

Try it out yourself in our SQL Injection simulator:

More about SQL Injection

SQL injection, simply put, is a hacking technique used to exploit the security vulnerability of a web application and dump the contents to the attacker. It is one of the most cherished techniques employed by attackers against database-driven applications. A widely accepted reason for the same is that SQL Injections are unbeknownst to the common people as a potential threat to their security. Also they do not demand a prior training or software downloads, making it wieldy even for amateurs.

You will find more useful information and commands in our original article that we published earlier this year.

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Hope you enjoy it! 🙂