The day we fight back!



Newspapers from the world’s all corners,  has during the day reported that more than 5000 different organisations has signed up for the campaign “The day we fight back”.

Focus is mass surveillance

The most focused topic is “Mass surveillance” which gives NSA a message to stop with their illegal activite. It’s sad that Google, Microsoft and Facebook hasn’t joined at the time when this article is being written. They have all claimed that NSA does not have the access which was stated within the leaked documents.

Something is wrong when the government’s break the most important statement in the world – The UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Aaron Swartz


This also a celebration to the tragic loss of Aaron Hillel Swartz, who was part of creating reddit site and also got into Internets Hall of Fame from his activity as an Internet activist. Aaron fought for freedom and privacy.

Edward Snowden

The day we fight back also honours Edward Snowden for his important alerts and choice of not being part of mass surveillance.


The importance of campaigns like this cannot be described, however, everyone within, our team has signed up as both an organisation and individuals.

Will you do the same – to protect your privacy?


Oh, and…

Remember, Remember the fifth of november